Political Announcement

Mike Summers Puts His Hat in the Ring

Signature portrait photograph used on graphic materials.

How do you make a big splash announcement on a limited budget? On Tuesday, May 17, 2011, an invitation-only event was held in Lakewood, Ohio to announce Mayor Mike Summers’ candidacy for Mayor. We worked to develop the look of this event, including logo, banners, PowerPoint screens, invitations, stickers, website, and eNewsletter.

Mayor Mike Summers was appointed to Mayor of Lakewood, Ohio in November 2010 when he was serving as representative for Ward 3 on Lakewood City Council. In 2011 we developed the graphic materials for his political campaign to extend his service as Mayor of Lakewood. He was elected.

Mike Summers Campaign Logo Mike Summers Campaign Stickers Mike Summers Campaign Announcement Invitation Mike Summers Campaign Announcement Event reserved seat signs. Mike Summers Campaign Announcement Event banner and Powerpoint screens. Mike Summers Campaign Website. Mike Summers Campaign eNewsletter.

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